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My name is Steve Agrella. I live in the San Fernando Valley just North of Los Angeles California.

My passion in photography started at an early age. My vision is to capture images that touch you. What I mean by that is, if my images make you smile or say WOW! I have suceeded in my mission to make your world a happier place.

Welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy looking at my images as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

My images are for sale at very reasonable prices. If you see something that you like, please make a purchase.

If you're in the Los Angeles area and are in need of a photographer, please look at my Services page for a list of the services that I provide.

If there is an image in my gallery that you would like to purchase that does not have a price attached, please Email me for details.

The images in my gallery are best viewed in the slide show mode, on the top right side of the gallery, click on the slide show button. have some fun with it!

If you like what you see, comments are welcome and encouraged. Please sign my guestbook before you leave. Your comments mean so much :>) Thanks for looking.

These photos are copyright protected.

If you would like to use any of these images for commercial purposes, please contact me. Thank you.



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Ducks and Geese

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Egrets, Cormrants and Grebes

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Small Birds

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Rock Bands

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Yewllowstone and GTNP

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My Wifes Pictures

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Harley Davidson

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